Friday, March 16, 2012

Luck of the Irish? Oh, I Think So.

Today, I went to the first sale of the season for the Edmonson Trading Post. They have a sale at least once a month, March through November, and the prices are always outrageously cheap! The owners are "auction hunters" buying up storage units throughout the year to fill their store. It is one of my favorite places around here. Seriously, I once bought a vintage Los Angeles tablecloth at the Post for 25 cents and sold it for $25 which was a probably a bargain for that buyer. I spent a total of $12 buying quite a few smalls for my booth and this - my best purchase for the day which I'm fairly certain I am keeping:

It has a little damage to the top and some places that need to be cleaned but the glass is in excellent condition and it slides freely in the grooves. I can't decide whether I should sand it down or try some other method of restoring it. The finish is sort of chippy in places. Does anybody have any suggestions? I hardly ever see mid century pieces in this neck of the woods so I am excited about finding it, and the price was only $4 so how could I possibly leave it behind. I think Irish luck came to me a day early!


  1. Awesome find, I've been wanting a similar cabinet for a long time but they're usually priced super high here. I'm excited to see the "after" of this cabinet, sadly I don't have any advice on refinishing.

  2. Great find, but I'm clueless about refinishing.

  3. it's beautiful! and $4!! now i'm jealous :)