Monday, March 19, 2012

I'll Take Three, Please... How Odd

Well, the official March Madness is O-V-E-R for me. My team tripped and fell hard in the first round. I still can't talk about it, it hurts that much, and I won't be watching any more college basketball until November. On the upside, I guess that just leaves more time for garage sales, estate sales, thrifts, and flea markets this month!

I noticed that I have been picking up items in three's lately. Although, it is certainly more correct to display items in odd numbers, I have not purposely acquired things based on this premise. Is it just natural to pick in that order? I don't know - it seems odd to me! Anyway, here are some of my finds...

Here is a set of three vases I purchased this weekend. Okay, well, technically the orange "vase" is a vintage water jar but you certainly could put a bouquet of flowers in it. I really love the fired-on color and will be putting it in my kitchen. The tall art glass vase is more stunning in person. It has a thread of orange running through it that is not evident in the picture. It was super cheap, too, at 25 cents. The blue vase is an actual Danish Modern vase that came from a Danish couple's estate. It is not marked but I think it is cool and it has a story. And it was only $3.

In the last month, I have acquired three C. Jere bronze sculptures. The eagle on helm and the skier were purchased from Worthpoint and Craigslist, respectively, and while they were not bargain prices, they were priced reasonably and below market value. I am definitely keeping the eagle but may possibly give the skier as I gift - I don't know. The sea gull on helm I purchased at an estate sale. Although I hesitated a little, I have it on auction in my eBay store right now if anyone is interested.

I have a thing for vintage planters, most specifically Haeger planters. I prefer white and gold ones but I usually bring them all home if the price is right. The green stripe and basket weave planters are Haeger. The other is not marked but it has such mid mod style that I had to have it. Keeping all three.

In a week's time, I had accumulated three different pitchers. The all white pitcher has the coolest, mod floral design on the bottom half and the shape is fab, too. It is marked Thomas of Germany. The other white pitcher has a great mid century modern pattern on each side in black, grey and gold. It is marked Fine Bohemian China Czechoslovakia. I am debating whether to sell or keep it. And the sun tea pitcher is just fun. I guess you would float the tea bags in it but I don't know how to keep the bugs and  debris out when making my sun tea! I'll have to experiment.

My final three is this set of signed Friedman water color prints of scenes from San Francisco. They are each marked 1/64 which I originally thought was the number in the limited edition series. However, after seeing a few on the internet, it seems Friedman marked a lot of them 1/64 so it is now assumed that is the date. I have a collection of San Francisco items including some other artwork, and my husband works for the company that make the cable car ropes (cable) so when I saw these, I knew they were making their way to the old homestead. They were only $15 for the set. I have so much art I don't know exactly where I am going to hang these but I will find a place.

So, how is your March going? Have you found yourself buying multiples of certain items? I bet your treasures are just right for you!

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day To You!

There are many good reasons for drinking,
One has just entered my head-
If a man doesn't drink when he's living,
How the hell can he drink when he's dead?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Luck of the Irish? Oh, I Think So.

Today, I went to the first sale of the season for the Edmonson Trading Post. They have a sale at least once a month, March through November, and the prices are always outrageously cheap! The owners are "auction hunters" buying up storage units throughout the year to fill their store. It is one of my favorite places around here. Seriously, I once bought a vintage Los Angeles tablecloth at the Post for 25 cents and sold it for $25 which was a probably a bargain for that buyer. I spent a total of $12 buying quite a few smalls for my booth and this - my best purchase for the day which I'm fairly certain I am keeping:

It has a little damage to the top and some places that need to be cleaned but the glass is in excellent condition and it slides freely in the grooves. I can't decide whether I should sand it down or try some other method of restoring it. The finish is sort of chippy in places. Does anybody have any suggestions? I hardly ever see mid century pieces in this neck of the woods so I am excited about finding it, and the price was only $4 so how could I possibly leave it behind. I think Irish luck came to me a day early!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Other March Madness

NCAA basketball's March Madness is in full swing this week with conference tourneys being played and the field of 68 being announced on Sunday and I am caught up in all its glory - I love college basketball! However, on Wednesday night, I opened our little rural newspaper and to my shock and surprise, the other March Madness had begun, too - a garage sale was listed for Thursday!  With an unseasonably warm winter in Missouri and current spring-like conditions, listings I don't usually find until late March at the earliest were already popping up. Oh, hooray! Here is what I brought home with me...

The Afga Silette 35 mm camera is marked "Made in Germany" and came with the original camera case and directions - I don't collect any cameras, really, other than Kodak so I am considering selling this one although it is pretty cool. I paid $1 for it - I think it is from 1953. The Kodak Generator Flashholder is probably a keeper. It is in the original box and has the directions with it as well. It, too, was only $1 and is from 1958 - the only bummer is that the sellers put the price on the top of the box with masking tape and when I try to remove it, it rips up some of the graphics. Why do people do that?! The industrial lamp and a bag of vintage frames/photographer's cardboard photo holders were a quarter a piece - I think the photo holders will be fun to use in some art projects - my favorite is the one with the stork on it used for a baby's picture. The hobnail vase marked "Japan" was a nickle.  And I picked up the Equipto industrial bench for $3 - I haven't figured out what to do with it yet. Any suggestions?

After the sale, I went to a thrift store in the same town. I always find something there and Thursday was no exception. One of the best finds was this 1970's Lucite (or acrylic) 2-tier waterfall chandelier.

I researched some on the internet and the asking price for these is between $200 to $800! Wow - score! I have already listed this in my eBay store and hopefully it will find a good home soon.

I also picked up these vintage airline bags at the thrift store for $1 each. I have been looking for some for quite awhile and these were hidden under some other stuff just waiting for me to discover them. I am thinking of selling them but I may have to keep one for myself. The KLM bag has a luggage tag on it with a Braniff Airlines business card in it. Braniff has been defunct since 1989 (I was actually scheduled to fly with them from San Diego on the day the declared bankruptcy) so I am guessing this bag is from the 1970's or possibly early 1980's. I love the offset stripe on the American World Travel bag - very mod - I am guessing it is 1970's vintage, too. 

I have been picking up a lot of books lately. I plan on sharing some of those finds in another post but this diet book is one of the more interesting ones I got at the same thrift store. Now, this is a diet plan I can get on board with following - how could you possibly go wrong with martini's and whipped cream?! Drunk and a sugar high - who's with me? I also bought the chenille bedspread at the garage sale for $5. It has been gently loved but it doesn't have any holes or stains and all the fringe is still attached so it definitely has plenty of life left in it.

So, how has your late winter/early spring thrifting been? Have you found any treasures? Here we go... let the madness begin!

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