Thursday, February 16, 2012

On Main Street

Trying to extend the Mod Lodge Vintage brand with signage and tags

I contemplated for a long time about whether to rent a flea market/antique store booth. I always liked the idea of being able to display items (merchandising) and also, having a place to take bigger items or items that wouldn't sell for enough to make it worth the effort on eBay. And, I have soooo much stuff. Really, it is taking over my basement. Finally, last summer I took the plunge. It was a disaster. The person who owned the flea market basically skipped town without paying anyone. I didn't lose much as I had only rented there for a couple of months but she still owed my over $100 plus the loss of merchandise and the rental fee. Some people lost over $1000 - ouch! I was wary to try it again, as I am sure you can understand.

Here's a peak into the 4' x 5' booth (but extends upward about 12')
About two weeks ago, I was in Warsaw, Missouri doing some shopping and I went to a few of the flea markets and antique shoppes. One of the places had some good spaces open and is in the middle of Main Street in a neat old building with the tin ceilings. After being inspired by Van at Thrift Core and several other bloggers who not only sell on the internet but also at brick and mortar locations, I decided to give it another try. My husband thinks I am crazy after the last incident but I am excited to have another place to display my thrifting wares! Hopefully, this adventure will turn out to be more positive.

Lower shelves and floor - probably needs a little work

I saved those 1970's National Geographic magazines from a
dumpster and I got the metal display stand for $10

I have a thing for metal milk crates - they're not for sale
but they make great holders and display pieces!
I am planning to add some blank greeting cards with photographs I have taken of local places and wildlife to the booth soon to give shoppers another reason to look inside. So, if you are ever in Warsaw (somewhat of a tourist town in the summer), stop by Hildebrand's Framing & Gifts on W. Main Street and peruse Mod Lodge Vintage. I would appreciate any feedback and of course, sales would be nice, too!

I am linking to Apron Thrift Girl's February Resellers Listing Challenge - even though this isn't actual listing items on the internet, it also inspired me to try again. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are some cool vintage Valentine's I thrifted not too long ago for $1.50 for the entire bag which included two sheets of the "build a Valentines" and the car Valentine card. Even the instructions are neat. And the last card has graphics on the front and inside the card.  They sure don't make them like they used to - and these were made in the good ole U.S.A.  I love all the bright colors and fun graphics! Happy Valentine's everyone! Enjoy!