Monday, March 19, 2012

I'll Take Three, Please... How Odd

Well, the official March Madness is O-V-E-R for me. My team tripped and fell hard in the first round. I still can't talk about it, it hurts that much, and I won't be watching any more college basketball until November. On the upside, I guess that just leaves more time for garage sales, estate sales, thrifts, and flea markets this month!

I noticed that I have been picking up items in three's lately. Although, it is certainly more correct to display items in odd numbers, I have not purposely acquired things based on this premise. Is it just natural to pick in that order? I don't know - it seems odd to me! Anyway, here are some of my finds...

Here is a set of three vases I purchased this weekend. Okay, well, technically the orange "vase" is a vintage water jar but you certainly could put a bouquet of flowers in it. I really love the fired-on color and will be putting it in my kitchen. The tall art glass vase is more stunning in person. It has a thread of orange running through it that is not evident in the picture. It was super cheap, too, at 25 cents. The blue vase is an actual Danish Modern vase that came from a Danish couple's estate. It is not marked but I think it is cool and it has a story. And it was only $3.

In the last month, I have acquired three C. Jere bronze sculptures. The eagle on helm and the skier were purchased from Worthpoint and Craigslist, respectively, and while they were not bargain prices, they were priced reasonably and below market value. I am definitely keeping the eagle but may possibly give the skier as I gift - I don't know. The sea gull on helm I purchased at an estate sale. Although I hesitated a little, I have it on auction in my eBay store right now if anyone is interested.

I have a thing for vintage planters, most specifically Haeger planters. I prefer white and gold ones but I usually bring them all home if the price is right. The green stripe and basket weave planters are Haeger. The other is not marked but it has such mid mod style that I had to have it. Keeping all three.

In a week's time, I had accumulated three different pitchers. The all white pitcher has the coolest, mod floral design on the bottom half and the shape is fab, too. It is marked Thomas of Germany. The other white pitcher has a great mid century modern pattern on each side in black, grey and gold. It is marked Fine Bohemian China Czechoslovakia. I am debating whether to sell or keep it. And the sun tea pitcher is just fun. I guess you would float the tea bags in it but I don't know how to keep the bugs and  debris out when making my sun tea! I'll have to experiment.

My final three is this set of signed Friedman water color prints of scenes from San Francisco. They are each marked 1/64 which I originally thought was the number in the limited edition series. However, after seeing a few on the internet, it seems Friedman marked a lot of them 1/64 so it is now assumed that is the date. I have a collection of San Francisco items including some other artwork, and my husband works for the company that make the cable car ropes (cable) so when I saw these, I knew they were making their way to the old homestead. They were only $15 for the set. I have so much art I don't know exactly where I am going to hang these but I will find a place.

So, how is your March going? Have you found yourself buying multiples of certain items? I bet your treasures are just right for you!

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  1. I really like that German water pitcher! Great lines!

  2. I love the Thomas water pitcher too! Very pretty.

  3. Excellent haul! I'm the same way with vintage/thrifted art, I keep buying it but I ran out of wall space a while ago.

    I've never seen a Sun Tea pitcher before but have fond memories of Sun Tea jars from my childhood (they have lids so no problem with the debris/bugs). Maybe you could just put some saran wrap on top of the pitcher?

  4. three's a charm! Love the watercolor prints they are great! And the daisy pitcher is lovely too. Thank you for linking up at Cap Creations.

  5. They are all good finds! I seems to always buy in multiples, and if I see something i already have at home(vintage) I always buy it to have a pair or collection. I recently bought the same little square planter with attached saucer at an estate sale but in a rusty brown color!

  6. Friedman prints. This artist seems to have produced a lot of these. The art and signature are printed on a printing press. Some times watercolor was added. Usually only one color. I have several, and one large oil painting that my Grandparents owned. Nobody knows who this guy was. Best I have been able to tell is that he was a street artist.

  7. I have the exact same ones for sale.I am in San Francisco if interested at

  8. I have the exact same ones for sale.I am in San Francisco if interested at