Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Irish I had a Schlitz" and Other St. Patty's Goodness

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Yeah, I know, you're thinking it's supposed to be Christmas but for me, today is the holiest of holidays... St. Patrick's Day! And although I am not Irish in the least, I love to celebrate this day with cheers and beers! This year is even sweeter because March Madness officially kicks off today, too (yes, I realize we had 4 play in games but seriously, those don't count). So, as I am preparing for the best day ever, I took a gander at what I might have around that can Irish things up. I don't have a huge collection of St. Patrick's day memorabilia but here's some of my stuff.

One of my favorite finds is my vintage bowling shirt. It's polyester double knit fabulousness is only out shined by the shamrock patch over the pocket (I guess to put my cigs in because don't all bowlers smoke) and the words "Kelley Datsun Volvo" embroidered on the back. And just so you know, it is a real bowling shirt with original King Louie tag inside - not this wannabe stuff Charlie Sheen dons on Two and a Half Men (I mean used to don) or Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing on Friends (still one of my very favorite shows of all time, btw). I would guess this is from the 70's but definitely before 1986 when the Datsun brand was phased out.

This button is one of my prized St. Patrick's Day possessions. I used to have a bigger one but I gave it to a friend a few years back and am kicking myself now that I did. Anyway, I found  two smaller pin backs a year or so ago for 50 cents each and grabbed them up. I think this is the most clever advertising Schlitz has done. It makes me want to drink a Schlitz - oh, I think I will have one tonight! This button was made in 1981. It reminds me of college and brings back many good memories of forgotten times (yes, that is a drinking reference).

Other goodies pictured include vintage German scrap (or should it be Irish scrap) and Dennison shamrock seals, antique postcards, a Lucky Letter game card, another Schlitz pin back (not as cool because it is just round) and plaid hat pin (not to be confused with a hat pin), some beads (show me your... Irish), and three Pyrex pieces with green motifs. Are you feelin' green yet?  Happy St. Patty's everyone!

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