Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Now, Shake It Up, Baby

I have actually been doing quite a bit of thrifting lately even if it isn't the "season". I find that as winter rolls around, I plan my shopping around which thrift or antique stores I can hit along the way. One of the cool things I have found in small town America is that nearly every one has a Walmart (I never thought I would say this but "thank you Sam Walton") and nearly every one has a thrift store or two. I think that is kind of odd, really, about the thrift stores but I love it and am in no way complaining. Also, I can feel good about my junking as it seems that most all thrift stores support some type of non-profit organization whether it be Christian Outreach, Shelter for Abused Women, Salvation Army, Food Pantry, Sheltered Workshop, or Animal Rescue - I know that the money I am spending is going for a good cause.

Lately, I have been gravitating towards colorful vintage salt and pepper shakers. Maybe this tendency comes from my Grandma Clark who collected oodles and oodles of salt and pepper shakers over her 88 years (and still counting the years) - I kind of wish I had some of those. My kitchen and dining room are bursting with color - pumpkin on the walls, retro red tiles on the back splash, and hints of true orange and black here and there. The shakers seem to add the right spice to the palette! Really, is there such a thing as too much color? I don't think so.

I just love, love, love this Native American (or the politically incorrect version - Indian) pair. I picked them up, actually, in Kansas City at the first Friday thing at Urban Mining. I think the pair was $4 which is a little pricey to some but I was taken in by the color and detail. Plus, I had a Groupon so it was like getting it for half-price. The apples were a flea market find - I think I paid 50 cents for the pair - and the red top shakers were purchased at one of my favorite antique stores around here - Big Brown Dog Antiques in Cole Camp - for $4. I kind of collect the red top shakers so I had to have them!

Moving to another part of the world, I adore this Chinese couple. The paint is a little chipped in places and they are certainly not perfect but they look really awesome in our antique curio cabinet with the tea set my husband brought back from China. And, they only cost $1.50. The cookbook behind them is another thrift find - super fun graphics for La Choy recipes and only $1.

 My last little fellow was also found, alone, at Urban Mining. He has so much personality and vivid coloring. He is perched on top of my Grandma's Hoosier cabinet (the real thing with a 1911 date) watching over our kitchen. It just dawned on me that it is appropriate he should be there - kind of an homage to my Grandma and her quirky style, too.

As we enter the holiday season, what is coloring your life? Do you have a favorite thrifting spot? Wherever it is, don't forget to sprinkle a little hope to those in need when you do your shopping. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. cool shakers :) i always loved look at great grandma's collection! i have been having lots of luck with craigslist lately. it is usually hit or miss, but it has been great lately!

  2. I like all your colorful pieces, but especially the bird. My favorite thrifting place is a church rummage sale. Great people; great prices.

  3. Loving all of these beautiful shakers. They are indeed fun and a little addictive to collect!