Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Hunting Season: Auction Hunters Premiers Tuesday 11/9 on Spike TV

This morning, I bopped on over to one of my favorite blogs Apron Thrift Girl and Selena had posted an entry about a new television show premiering this week called Auction Hunters. Great, just great, all I need is another show to watch! I made a comment on her blog about it and she contacted me to see if I would spread the word about the show. Since I missed the series premier of American Pickers as maybe some of you did, too, I definitely want to be on the ground unit of Auction Hunters so I am sharing this with all of you as well. Set your DVR's - Auction Hunters premiers Tuesday, November 9 at 9:00 Central Time on Spike.

Curious about Auction Hunters? Me too. Here's the gist of it:  Every day in America, there are over ten thousand abandoned storage units that are put up for public auction. Each unit has the potential to be a goldmine or a bust for those who make their living hunting unclaimed property. This eight half-hour episode series follows two of the best prospectors in the business, Clinton "Ton" Jones and Allen Haff, in their quest to win auctions, acquire treasure and sell it for profit.

Now, I love thrifting or junking or whatever you want to call it. That's how I make a little cash through my eBay store and pretty much decorate my entire house. And some of my favorite garage sales are at storage units. But these guys are serious. Buying a whole storage unit of stuff, glorious stuff. I don't know what I would do with all that as my shed looks like this already (I wonder if I can classify it as a storage unit) but my interest is definitely piqued. I mean, seriously, how much fun would it be to dig through all of it to find some treasures! That is the best part!

Unpacked boxes from our move - 3 years ago and this is only half of it!
And even if you aren't planning to go and buy up a whole storage unit's contents at auction, I am pretty sure you can learn some useful stuff from Ton and Allen. Really, how much have you already learned from Mike and Frank over the past year? I know I am more knowledgeable than before. So, if you love junking, and I know you do, then I think you will want to tune in to this new show. Now, on with hunt!

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