Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome to my blog world

Okay, so I have never blogged. I always thought of myself as fairly up to date on the technology of communicating but ever since we moved to the "boonies", my technological prowess has slipped - dramatically! I have the same cell phone as I did 5 years ago, no laptop, no wireless anything (although I do have a router), no blogging. But I had a friend tell me that they thought maybe I should share some of my vintage finds with others so here I am. It took me a day to get the look just right and I still don't know if I am happy with it. The marketing in me says it needs to be more focussed but the artist in me says to let my creative spirit run free. Here we go...

I hope to share with you some of the things that inspire me. I love to junk, love to collect, love to create, love to travel, love the Tigers, and love to take care of my animals and the wildlife surrounding me. I am blessed with the best husband (for me, anyway) and a pretty cool family of 2-legged and 4-legged peeps. I am on a journey of constant discovery - about me and this amazing life. I hope you will join me. This blog will be a mixed bag. I will show you some of my finds, some of my travels, some of my animals, or whatever is in my jumbled mind. It will evolve as it goes along.

So here's my first piece of inspiration... Emily Henderson's Secrets From a Stylist. I have been struggling with what the whole look of my house should be. It was built in the mid-70's, ranch style, near a lake but not on it, in the country. Our old house was a 1926 Arts & Crafts bungalow style in a mid-size city so it was difficult to decide what should stay and what should go because we had stuff we really liked. Should I go mod or lodge? Cottage style or retro? I like elements of them all. Then I watched Emily's new show on Sunday night and guess what, she said it was okay to mix styles. Amen, sista - I am all over that! Now, I feel so much better and that's where I came up with the name for this blog - I'm a little mod, a lot lodge, and oh so vintage. As this blog plugs along, I think you will get glimpses of all of these. For now, it's a big thank you to Emily Henderson!


  1. very excited to start reading your blog :)

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower and can't wait to see all your vintage goodies :)

  3. Welcome to blogging - and go Mizzou!

  4. Did you ever find anything else on the lamp? We have one I got several years ago from my grandparents house and just realized what it is. Ours is gold with a black and gold leopard type print on it. Its also marked Florence Art. If you have any info you could pass along my email is Thank you!!