Friday, September 3, 2010

Hummingbirds don't fly away, fly away...

hmmmmm. It is a beautiful "fall" morning here in central Missouri. Indian Summer is setting in, Tiger football kicks off tomorrow, the last of the onslaught of lake traffic is about to commence, and there are several garage sales scheduled. Life is good. As this time of year rolls around, Simon & Garfunkel's song always pops in my mind.

We have hummingbirds, lots of hummingbirds... and it is about time for them to start taking their flight south. Amazing little creatures, so busy and full of energy. I am sort of sad to see them go. Sort of, because according to the estimates on the bottles of hummingbird liquid sweetness I place out each summer, I am serving 600-800 hummingbirds each day. I make a lot of sugar water. Still, they are wondrous creatures, so intricate in their flight and amazing to watch.

 Wow, just a little aside - as I was typing this, a hummingbird just flew into the house. I have the back door open as the weather is so nice and in she flew. I had a hard time getting her out - she was drawn to the lights. Was she coming to say goodbye?

So, as summer closes and autumn begins, what is inspiring you? Are you starting a new journey? Or renewing old friendships? Whatever it is, this is the best time of the year - make the most of it.

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