Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Inspired Finds (Plus One Big Dog)

It's a gorgeous autumn day here in mid-Missouri. The temperature was a brisk 36 degrees this morning but has warmed up to a respectable 57 degrees this afternoon. These are the kind of days I love. And even better, it's my Pearl girl's 7th birthday. Our sweet, gentle 120 pound black lab is one of the best fall finds to date - I heart the big lug!  Happy Birthday, Pearl E. Bear!

And speaking of finds, here are a few items I have picked up lately that are fall inspired.

You might recall, I have a thing for Haeger planters (and most other Haeger pieces) especially if they are in white (or ivory) and amber gold. I found two new planters that feed that obsession and will be perfect for an autumn display and they were cheap - less than a dollar for each. The deer figurine might be Haeger, too, but it is not marked. I have an ever growing collection of deer pottery pieces - I will have to do an obsession post about them someday. The small vase is marked "Germany 167 13" - I know the 13 is the number of centimeters tall but I don't know if the 167 refers to the pattern or possibly a maker. The plate is marked "Wood Echo" on the back - I assume that is the pattern name but again, no maker. It was only 25 cents as it has a small chip on the rim which is concealed by the deer's chest.

This fabric stuffed owl pillow or wall hanging is so fun.  There must have been a bird pattern from one of the pattern makers (Simplicity, McCall's, Butterick) in the 1970's because this owl is pieced together like the eagle pillow I found a couple of years ago. I found this at the Warsaw Antique Mall for only $3.50. Again, whoever made this pillow had some mad sewing skills as each of the chest feathers are individually made. Apparently, this is the rare snowy hoot owl!

Another obsession I have, which I shared with you some time ago,  is pillows. I just can't stop buying pillows - they are just too versatile and can easily change up your decor with minimal effort. These two are fabulous for fall decorating - and they are both stitched from yarn.I think I picked these up at two different garage sales this past summer.

And speaking of yarn, how pretty is the mustard yellow afghan? I have more than a couple vintage afghans - again, super versatile. Plus I admire that someone took the time to knit or crocheted them - so much love in one cozy throw. You can never have enough love wrapped around you!

 And let's not forget about the walls for autumn decorating. These sconces will do the trick and are such a treat. The wooden pair is marked "HODA House of Decorative Accessories Dallas, Texas". They have a real Danish Modern, Mid-Century vibe but the wood tones would blend in with almost any decor. The metal sconces are simply marked with an "L" on the back. The harvest gold color seems to date it to the 1970's but that is only a guess.

So, what is inspiring you this fall? Do you go all out on decorating or just switch out a few things here and there? With cooler temperatures, the time is right to enjoy the bounty of autumn.

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  1. Love those cozy pillows - great colors!

  2. AHHHHH! Love those planters AND that afghan!!!

    1. I knew you would love the planters - if I remember, you hoard Haeger, too! Ha!

  3. Happy birthday to your dog! That owl pillow is awesome and definitely would have been a tough sewing project. I really want to find more throw pillows, as it has been forever since I thrifted a good one, and our puppy recently discovered that the corners of pillows are delicious (or at least fun to chew), so he ruined a couple of the very few we had :(
    On a happier note, that yellow afghan is great, and I definitely agree about cozying up with a nice vintage afghan that someone took the time to make by hand.
    Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Pearl and one of our other dogs ate half of our leather sectional couch when they were puppies. We had to have all the leather replaced on that section plus the cushion! Your blog is one of my favorites - love your photography and your finds. I was excited to be linking up to The Nifty Thrifty!

  4. Awww, happy birthday to your puppy! Big dogs are the best, IMO. I LOVE all your finds this week! I covet vintage afghans, too, and of course I'm drooling over your pottery finds. The deer kind of looks like Shawnee (?), but I'm not sure.

  5. Hey. Just found your blog through Mid2Mod. Great to see another Missouri blogger on here. Love your finds!