Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympics' Time, Worldly Finds

Well, in case you have been in a cave somewhere, it is the first week of the XXX Summer Olympics. Although I am more of a fan of the Winter Olympics (probably because I like cold more than sweltering hot), I am still mesmerized by the whole event and have spent my fair share of hours in front of the television soaking it all in. Hey, what's a girl to do when it is 100 plus degrees outside and has been for an eternity? Just like the Olympics, thrifting seems to be a worldly event, too. Here are some of my recent finds by country.



Blue Enamel Butter Warmer or Turkish Coffee Pot
for sale in my newly created etsy store



Love the pattern on these heavy drinking glasses...
marked Italy but scream USA!


Enamel pot marked Dansk - it is in great condition
except for a chip towards the base.


Ashtray marked Japan - diggin' the retro, tiki vibe.


Asian beauty - there is a lot of detail in this 11" figure


Linen souvenir towel designed in Australia,
 printed in Hong Kong on Czechoslovakian linen


Three pieces of German pottery - the yellow vase is marked Nasco

Munich brass tray with Olympic rings - could this be from 1972?


Ken Edwards Studio pottery
The 2 plates and coaster are marked KE, the burro is marked Tonala CAT


And last but not least... United States of America

Blenko art glass carafe, Viking bear paperweight, and amberina vase

Hallmark Danish Taper Candleholder - Made in USA

It has been a while since I have posted but you can see, I have been busy. It has been forever since I have been to a garage sale - it is still way. too. hot. But I have been making regular trips to the thrift stores and indoor flea markets. How is your summer going? Have you been finding some worldly treasures? It amazes me how diverse the offerings are even here in rural Missouri.

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  1. I'm such a softie for Blenko, Dansk and German pottery. Great finds!

  2. I seriously just cackled out loud at your comment. I wanted somebody to say that because that's exactly what I was afraid of!!!! Grandma dress. It IS!!!!

  3. I like your "Olympic" post, great finds!