Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blog Inspired... Thrifting Smarter

This time of year means there is a lot of stuff out there to be had. With garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and even antique stores offering all kinds of bargains, hunting smarter as not to overload is definitely a goal of mine although one I struggle with constantly. The blog community has assisted in me looking for more quality items and educated me in areas that I'm less familiar. I have found some pretty nice pieces in the last few weeks and many of those I may have passed on or not even given a glance had I not been spending some time "researching" via other's blogs. Thank you people for sharing your knowledge. Here are some items I have picked up lately:

McCoy pottery planter, Scandia pattern
Although I already have two of these McCoy planters in smaller sizes and different colors, it wasn't until last week via another blogger's find that I found out this was the Scandia pattern. I have looked at this piece for several weeks at a flea market type store but finally sprung on it when it was marked down from $15 to $12. I love the color - it's a keeper!

Arabia of Finland stoneware teapot, Kaira pattern circa 1971-1975
I could not believe I found this in a small town antique store in mid-Missouri. This teapot is one of those items I probably wouldn't have looked at before if I had not read on a couple of different blogs lately about Arabia of Finland pieces. And it was a steal! I think I will be selling it, though, as it doesn't quite fit the aesthetics of our home (mostly the color).

Marzi & Remy West German vase, Pottery Craft of California vase,
 and unknown blue pottery vase

Does anyone recognize the mark on this vase?
I have been finding some really nice pottery vases lately and the above are some of the best examples. I may have a hard time letting go of any of these.

Mexico pottery owl by Ken Edwards
I have always had an attraction to Mexican pottery although I really don't collect any of it. But when I saw a piece of Ken Edwards' on another blog and did a little research, I knew I wanted a few of his if I could find them. Ken Edwards was originally from Kansas City, Missouri and attended the Kansas City Art Institute before going to Mexico - kind of a home town boy for this Missouri girl although a little before my time. Anyway, I found this owl at Best Antiques in Lincoln (same place where the Arabia teapot was purchased) and snatched it up. There are several more Mexico signed pottery items there which after doing some more investigating may be part of the Ken Edwards line - I think another trip is definitely in order.

Here are a few more finds:

Dolphin brass and enamel tray - Made in Israel

Hand blown glass whale
Small Art Glass vase
And finally...

California pottery (CALIF 1046) soup tureen, lid, under plate, and ladle
This soup tureen set is in pristine condition and even the bottom of the ladle is marked "Calif.". I can't figure out what California pottery company made it but I would guess it is from the 1950's or 1960's. I have always liked California pottery but probably wouldn't have picked up this set if I hadn't been reading more and more on blogs of people collecting it. This would be so perfect, I think, on an autumn tablescape but would probably work just as well for summer with some gazpacho in it.

So, has you thrifting style changed? Does what you see on other blogs influence your buying decisions? I know I appreciate the diversity of information available, and enjoy seeing and learning more about thrift finds. Thank you bloggers!

Linking to Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday where I learn so much week after week!


  1. I'm in love with your McCoy bowl, your Arabia teapot and your West German vase. Such amazing finds!

  2. ur mccoy bowl is superb! u have a great eye!

  3. I love art pottery and you found some winners! Love your amber vase (I have a collection of 50's stretch vases too) and that owl!

  4. Are you sure that blown glass is not a snail? Looks like one to me, anyways. Cute!

    1. I can see it now how it would look like a snail from the photo but in person, I'm pretty sure it is a whale as it has the "mouth" indentations along the lower part of the head and the eyes. Still, the beauty of art is in the interpretation so snail or whale, it's in the eye of the beholder!

  5. The amber brown vase is from Viking's epic line. They made a lot great glass and it is still affordable.