Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Amigos!

Homer Laughlin's Mexicana pattern plate and
Mexican sombrero boy S&P shakers (ironically marked "Japan")

I have been celebrating Cinco de Mayo since the mid-80's when, at the time, I lived in San Diego, California. The festive holiday has been carried with me back to my Midwest roots and now, some 25 plus years later, I still enjoy a cerveza on this celebration of Mexico's independence. Here are a couple of items we have in our home with that fiesta flair! Happy Cinco de Mayo, amigos!

Wool felt jacket from 1940's or 1950's  purchased for $2.00


  1. I absolutely LOVE that jacket! It's so amazing! It reminds me of the vintage felt Christmas tree skirts of the era. Oh gosh, what if I could find a red felt jacket that was decorated with Christmas stuff? Better yet, what if I could find a jacket EXACTLY like the one you have, you lucky girl!

  2. I love the plate, too! Nice combination of a Mexican design with the art deco shape.

  3. Westlake is where I got my succulents too! I'm in Springfield! I love finding local bloggers!!! Where exactly are you from in MO?

    1. I love finding other bloggers from Missouri, too. I am originally from Saint Joseph but we now live in the country outside of Cole Camp which is south and east of Sedalia towards the lakes (we are about 8 miles from Lake of the Ozarks access and 20 miles from Truman).

  4. How neat! I've heard of Cole Camp!!! My grandparents used to have a lake house on Lake of the Ozarks!