Monday, October 10, 2011

Cool Metal Vibe

I have always been drawn to metal objects. I have a hard time passing by a utility cart or a metal watering can or a metal tray, and more often than not, if the price is right, it will come home with me. Over the last couple of months, I have noticed that I have accumulated several metal pieces, a few that I think even Mike and Frank of American Pickers would "pop" on.

Craftsman tool chest, Craftsman tool box, and Eskimo Two Speed window fan

Love this copper handle
I have fond memories of Craftsman tools and accessories. I can remember shopping at the old Sears building at 22nd & Messanie in St. Joseph, Missouri with my dad and we always spent time looking through the tools. In his opinion, there were none better. I can still "feel" the store to this day. The small tool box I picked up at a local garage sale for 25 cents. It is rusty but in good condition and the Craftsman metal plate is in near mint condition. The large tool chest and Eskimo fan I purchased at this estate sale. The tool chest was $30 and is super cool - it even had a few jigsaw patterns in it. I am not sure if the red paint is original but I like it anyway. I am thinking of using it as a night stand or end table. The Eskimo window fan was $10 and I just love the aqua case and... it runs! The copper handle and that it was manufactured in Missouri helped sell it, too.

Here are a few more items I got at the same garage sale as the Craftsman tool box. The industrial metal hooks are super heavy and cost me a whopping $3. I don't know what I am going to do with them yet but I am pretty sure I am going to keep them. The five metal gas cans cost $3.40 for the lot. They all have some red paint on them and are in fair condition. Again, what to do with them is still being pondered!

Crosby Laughlin industrial hooks

Metal gas cans with red paint
Children's wagon wheels (maybe Radio Flyer?)
I absolutely love these vintage children's wagon wheels. I found them at the Big Brown Dog Antique store in Cole Camp. I looked at them on a couple of different trips but finally, broke down and brought them home. They were $10 for the set. I think I am going to make a shelf with the two that have the metal brackets.  They are sitting on a metal magazine table I also picked up at the same place and it was also $10.

Large metal tray and metal napkin holder

I have gotten more than one red metal tray in my lifetime but I think this might be my favorite. The graphics are so fun - who doesn't love a man in an apron and billowy white chef's hat?! And for $2.00 who could resist? Certainly, not me. The napkin holder is vintage goodness, too. And it was only 25 cents!

On a recent trip to River Market Antique Mall I managed to get a few goodies. This license plate is from a long closed meat packing plant in St. Joseph. I don't know if they put them on the delivery trucks or were just for the scooters and lift trucks around the plant. This plant was in the neighborhood where I grew up so I had to have this. It was a little pricey but a piece of history from my hometown was worth the price. It is too bad that neighborhoods are not the same as they were in the past.

Two-sided cushions and cool scroll work
made this purchase a no-brainer

Sleek silhouette
Another thing I picked up at the River Market is this fabulous vintage aluminum patio chair. I don't know if the cushions are original to it but they are definitely vintage, too. We just repainted our deck and now, I am search of vintage patio furniture. I can't find a manufacturer on this piece - does anyone know who made this? I would love to have at least one more chair to match. The cost for this beauty - $34. I thought it was a steal!

So, what have you been hunting for lately? Do you dig metal? Or industrial chic? Whatever you are hauling home, I bet you have found some awesome treasures.


  1. I am with you! I can't get enough metal! I love the industrial chic look. I love it with a mix of rustic wood just to balance things out. Loving your tool box and those wheels!

  2. I love that tray! I also like the Craftsman tool chest. I have a friend who used a new one as a nightstand. Amazing how little they have changed over the years.

    And I want to see more of these "red trays" you have!

  3. Love all the metal finds, I tend to buy them too! I also have fond memories of going to Sears with my Mom and Dad.