Monday, May 16, 2011

Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, I've Got a New Attitude

Well, I have been blogging a little over 8 months now (off and on) and decided it was time to switch it up a little. Some of the other blogs I follow have changed their header and I thought why not do the same - it is spring, time of rebirth or some such nonsense.  So here it goes...

The Look
My header is a panoramic mash of the Lake McDonald Lodge totem pole in Glacier National Park. For the past 6 years, we have gone to Northwest Montana in the winter for vacation. We usually spend a day at Glacier National Park (which you can only drive into 11 miles on the west side). This year I spotted this totem pole which I guess has always been there (at least since 1913) but I didn't notice it until this year. I just love it! The colors, the imagery, the rustic carvings. Since this is blog has LODGE in the title, this totem pole was meant to be there, too. And now, I have an obsession for totem poles. I am right now in the process of trying to find someone local to carve me one for my garden. I hope you love it too.

The 'Tude
I have not been extremely diligent about posting on my blog. Some weeks, I might get a post or two on here. Others, not so much. I love to write and I love taking photographs so I don't know why I can't be a better blogger. Sooooo... I have am going to attempt a new attitude and be more blog visible. In an effort to push me to this goal, I will continue to participate in Thrift Share Monday and actually try to post it on Monday, and on each Thursday, I am going to post the following:
  • 1st Thursday - Mod Lodge Stylin' - this will show some of the things I have around here that I think fall into my Mod Lodge Vintage style. It may be a renovation, a craft, a thrifted item with a differnt purpose, etc.
  • 2nd Thursday - Do Good Thursday - I will highlight a thrift store that uses its sales for nonprofit activities.
  • 3rd Thursday - Travelin' Thursday - I will highlight a state, city, or destination through some of my thrifted treasures and personal accounts. I hope to uncover some tidbits that maybe we didn't know about this great nation and lands far away. It will be fun!
  • 4th Thursday - Mod Lodge Hodge Podge - this will be whatever I am feelin' at the time. Maybe it is an obsession, or animal life, or gardening, or who knows. Plus it sounds cool to say "Mod Lodge Hodge Podge".
So, there you have it. I hope you will come along with me on this journey. And now, on to...

Thrift Share Monday

I have been doing quite a bit of garage saling the last two weeks. On May 7th, it was the Lincoln, Missouri Citywide Garage Sale. In this small town on the way to Truman Lake, there were 56 garage sales. I did not make it to all of them but I did hit a quite a few in about a two hour period. Some of the treasures I found included the orange topped Thermos for 25 cents, a pretty yellow and cream floral plate marked USA, an orange fired on milk glass pitcher (possibly Hazel Atlas?), a Cheinco Housewares tea canister, and a patchwork pillow, super cool made by Gertie in 1982. See..

I also picked up some vintage fabric at a couple of sales. Here are my favorites, all polyester (or double knit) from 1/2 yard to 2 1/2 yard pieces, and ranging in price from 25 cents to $1.00 per piece. They match the totem pole colors to a T!

This past Friday, I went to 5 garage sales on my way to shop in Warsaw. There is one place, Edmonson Trading Post, that has a garage sale once a month from about March through October or November. I always wondered how they could have "new" inventory and sell it for cheap, cheap, cheap, and this visit I found out why - they are real life Auction Hunters. Now, I don't think they find those high dollar, rare treasures like Allen and Ton (or maybe they do) but they do find enough stuff to keep a small building full for sales each month. This month, they had a lot of fabric and craft items from a storage unit they bought in Warrensburg, Missouri. In fact, they have so much from this unit, it will be spread over three months. My favorite buys from this month are these transfers which I got for 15 cents each for the small packages and 50 cents each for the larger ones.

I also picked up this patchwork quilt for $1 at this same sale and the wooden box with the bears, and at a couple of other sales, I got several '70's craft books including the two pictured below, a knitted lap size afghan, and a bag and box of vintage snaps on original cards.

I found several plates and vintage souvenir items for my eBay store that I will be listing soon and other goodies that I will share sometime, I'm sure. I also found the wooden cat at the Edmonson Trading Post that I posted here. Oh, and one more thing to share... even the screen I have for the back drop of my most recent photographs was a thrift find from a church rummage sale. It is a Da-Lite Flyer tripod projection screen and it was only $5!

So, how is your treasure hunting?


  1. Nice haul. I love the patchwork pillow and the afghan. The afghan looks like one on the Drapers couch in the first 2 seasons of Mad Men.

    I love the Totem Pole header, too. I have been to the West side of GNP as well, when I was a kid. I'm always on the lookout for GNP merchandise.

  2. I like the new header! Very cool. Good luck with the new 'tude. I need to get my 'tude in shape too :P